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Is E.E. Cummins relevant in the 21st century?

by englishmean60 1/22/2018
Your Strangest Experience...

by Beeker1989 1/22/2018
How many enjoy seeing and hairy pussy ?

by sexualcouple175 1/22/2018
Most favorite sexual position

by sussi1028 1/22/2018
‘Partner’ Vs ‘Lover’

by Enchanted3000 1/21/2018
Is love enough?

by sussi1028 1/21/2018
How can you tell if your partner really cares or not ?

by Peachesbiatch 1/21/2018
Calling on all sub and slaves

by MS_Aphrodite 1/21/2018
Over or Under

by bigblackman21221 1/20/2018
sucking time

by TASTYME_4U 1/20/2018
Fraustration with men here

by anais985 1/20/2018
Are you ready for some football?

by Next2us 1/20/2018

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