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So any women out there that are married to or dating a bi man?

by vikter30 9/25/2018

by nmstestnyhal 9/25/2018
Why can't I read messages I've been sent?

by Mb607656 9/25/2018
Curious about...

by Superman4695 9/25/2018

by cynthiasghost101 9/25/2018
Is it just me?

by redplate123 9/24/2018
Longtime friends, I want more

by LEANJOHN79 9/24/2018
Site Features?

by CoMoMale 9/24/2018

by MYFIRSTBJ59 9/24/2018
Having a hard time being friends with an ex and not falling in love again..

by Nixx525 9/24/2018
How should I go about losing my virginity?

by JustinTheCook 9/23/2018
Is Penis size important?

by sussi1028 9/23/2018

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