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I am glad she brought the van
Posted:Dec 13, 2017 9:14 am
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2017 9:24 am
She crossed her legs again. Each time she could squeeze her thighs together a little and feel the warmth within. She imagined that the hem of her skirt rode up with each of her movements and that the several young man also waiting were watching and fantasizing about having their way with her.

Her mind drifted as it often did these and she imagined her hands griping the hem of her skirt and slowly working it back and forth and all the while higher as she wiggle her ass a little too. She imagined the lovely young hunk sitting across from her was eye her up and as she winked at him he slide to his knees and crawled over to her. Pressing his head between her tights and letting his tongue loose on her wanting pussy.

Did she actually just sigh out loud? She was sure her eyes had been closed as she imagines the pleasure. Looking around she did catch a you ng man looking her way, or perhaps two. She smiled to her self as she straighten her skirt and pressed her thighs together feeling her arousal.

She drifted back feeling his warm tongue prat her and slid slickly over her clit. Her legs trembled slightly at the though. In her mind the second youg man that was watching started to rub his cock through his jeans and she imagine the out line of its large head. Again the tongue worked her clit and again she trembled.

She thought to herself I really do need to get out more as she was now surely going to leave a wet spot on the seat and others were become aware her arousal, her scent.
As she looked around she caught three young men before they had a chance to look away.

She slipped back into her day dream as he pulled his cock from his pants and began stroking it slowly. He rose and walked over to offer the his beautiful cock to her willing mouth. the first young man now was busy work two fingers in and out of her as his talented tongue swirled around her clit. She was sure if she continued she would actually cum right there in the waiting

Her foot was vibrating her thighs now squeezed together. Her head felt light. She need to get out of there. Standing she could feel her juices run down her leg. She head for the parking lot slick thighs rubbing together as she thought of finishing herself off in the van. As the remote beeped and the doors unlocked she turned to see two of the young men had followed her, no there was the third at the stairwell.

She grinned to herself and knew exactly what she was going to do. She steped up into the side door of the van making sure to bend enough to give the boys a good peek . sitting she slipped off her wet panties and was twirling them around her finger as the boy arrived. Smiling she spread her legs in welcome.

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She said she liked cock
Posted:Dec 12, 2017 10:11 am
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2017 7:48 am
She said she liked cock but I really had no idea just how much she like it. We had become occasional lovers and got together when our schedules and desires aligned.
I have always been one to encourage my partners to explore their fantasies and this friendship was no different. She was shy at first but let me know she had always wanted to try two guys and hopefully double penetration.
I tasked her with checking out a local hookup web site know she would find a selection of guys willing to join us. I hoped the looking would also make her horny and I am pretty sure it added to the excitement.
Within a few days she had found a lucky candidate and we setup a get together. The guy turned out to be a good choice, He was fit and easy going. I soon started kissing her and feeling her up. it only took a couple of minutes for him to join in. After a pretty good groping session we were all aroused and pretty much naked. I slide my hand between her legs and found she was soaking wet so obviously having the two us working her over was having the desired affect.
She showed her interest by paying attention to both of our cock and making sure she didn't favor either. She swung herself over me and was busy diddling her clit with my cock which she knew I loved. Her wetness cover her hand and my cock. Our new man had expressed some interest in doing her back door and as she presented it he reached for the lube.
Still using my cook on her clit she let him slowly work his way in from behind. Once she had him in deep she she steered me into her pussy and slowly took my cock. She felt full and tight to me and by the sounds she has making it was a very pleasant feeling for her.
She rocked slowly fucking us both. I could feel the other cock sliding in and through the thin membranes separating us. He garbed her hips and started fucking her in earnest. It wasn't long until I felt her legs begin to shake and I knew she wouldn't be long. She shook, she squealed and she collapsed on top of me with him grunting and shooting deep in her ass.
Things seem a bit awkward for him after this so he soon cleaned up and left. We lay in bed talking about her first MMF encounter and she was still excited about it even if it had not last the way she hoped.
I knew by the way she was rubbing up against me that I was still in for some great sex that day as she was still turned on. We fucked and sucked to exhaustion as I whispered in her ear what I wanted the next guy to do to her. She told me she wanted more cock and I was starting to understand just how much she loved it.
The flow and ebb around here.
Posted:Dec 12, 2017 9:03 am
Last Updated:Dec 12, 2017 12:29 pm

It seems to me we are once again on an ebbing tide here with more leaving blog land then adding to it.
Of course like the tides at sea this will reverse and there will be an in flow of new talent.

To those that have wandered off take care. To those that are just in hiding I hope to see/hear from you again.

Keep posting and keep reading.

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