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Homage To My Young Male Lover - A Gay Poem
Posted:Feb 15, 2018 1:56 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2018 10:46 am

My Beautiful Young Male Lover
written 18/10/2015

I'm bisexual since 2013 and recently I met a beautiful young man of just twenty years and we have already had beautiful and truly mind blowing red hot gay sex on several occasions. After a lapse of five weeks I'm meeting him again tomorrow in a hotel room for another long uninhibited and passionate session of raw sexual pleasure. Before I met Andre I had never French kissed a male; never rimmed a male; never taken a load of love juice in my mouth and never swallowed a single drop of another man's white creamy seed; Now all that naïve reticence has evaporated and fallen by the wayside and I can't wait for tomorrow to come so that I can indulge extravagantly and experience all those wonderful pleasures, and gifts, anew. The fascinating anticipation of tomorrow's no holes barred encounter with my beautiful and deliciously well hung young lover inspired me to pen the following poem in humble and grateful homage to him; I hope you like it.

Handsome lad met by chance;
Made my lapsed libido dance;
Tender years slender frame;
Lover of another male;

Forbidden fruit tastes so sweet;
But many men will never eat;
All male sex both men savour;
Never done just as a favour;

No prima donna huffy antics;
Easy does it don't be frantic;
Neither man ever haughty
Just deliciously naughty

Showered together nicely fresh;
Lie entwined grope naked flesh;
Taboo love makes me shiver;
Fills my being makes me quiver;

Semen river ebb and flow;
Gush through me white as snow;
Course my body soft and slow;
Front and back high and low;

Love divine games exotic;
Pleasure grand thoughts erotic;
Two men at play fun and games;
Lots to do don't need no dames;

Thrills galore holes well filled;
All inside me nothing spilled;
Joyful fun as bodies merge;
Take each other to the verge;

Steady on not so fast;
Slowly does it make it last;
Minds all a blur and thoughts erratic;
Take me off now I'm ecstatic;

Here I come take my load;
Deep inside your anal road;
Spent but joyous wish fulfilled;
Sated lovers all a thrilled.

Copyright © William Baker 2015
How Many Bi-sexual Men per Capita?
Posted:Jun 15, 2016 11:59 am
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2016 6:14 am

1% to 5%
6% t0 10%
11% to 15%
16% to 20%
21% to 25%
26% to 30%
31% to 35%
36% to 40%
41% to 50%
Over 50%
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Homage to My Beautiful Young Male Lover
Posted:Jun 9, 2016 1:27 am
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2016 6:20 am

My Beautiful Young Male Lover
written 18/10/2015

I'm bisexual since 2013 and recently I met a beautiful young
man of just twenty years and we have already had mind blowing
and beautiful gay sex on several occasions. After a lapse of five weeks I'm
meeting him again tomorrow in a hotel room for another long uninhibited
and passionate session of raw sexual pleasure.

Before I met Andre I had never French kissed a male; never
rimmed a male; never took a load of love juice in my mouth and
never swallowed a single drop of another man's white creamy seed
Now all that reticence has evaporated and fallen by the wayside
and I can't wait for tomorrow to come so that I can indulge
and experience all those wonderful pleasures, and gifts, anew.

The fascinating anticipation of tomorrow's no holes
barred encounter with my beautiful and deliciously well hung
young lover inspired me to pen the following poem in grateful
homage to him; I hope you like it.

Handsome lad met by chance;
Made my lapsed libido dance;
Tender years slender frame;
Lover of another male;

Forbidden fruit tastes so sweet;
But many men will never eat;
All male sex both men savour;
Never done as just a favour;

Showered together nicely fresh;
Lie entwined grope naked flesh;
Taboo love makes me shiver;
Fills my being makes me quiver;

Semen river ebb and flow;
Gush through me white as snow;
Course my body soft and slow;
Front and back high and low;

Love divine games exotic;
Pleasure grand thoughts erotic;
Two men at play fun and games;
Lots to do don't need no dames;

Thrills galore holes well filled;
All inside me nothing spilled;
Joyful fun bodies merge;
Take each other to the verge;

Steady on not so fast;
Slowly does it make it last;
Mind's a blur thoughts erratic;
Take me off now I'm ecstatic;

Here I come take my load;
Deep inside your anal road;
Spent but joyous wish fulfilled;
Sated lovers all a thrilled.

copyright © William Baker 2015
I feel like an illiterate
Posted:Nov 2, 2015 11:19 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2018 4:15 am

Link to part one : My Fantasy Weekend

Link to part two : My Fantasy Weekend Part Two

Link to part three : [post 3722386[

As Derek munched away lovingly on my cock, which was by now fully erect, I was still very nervous and stalling at the prospect of reciprocating and taking his cock in my mouth and for the moment I continued to just caress it with my right hand. The beautiful feeling I was getting from Derek's oral ministrations was getting better and better and I was content to just let him continue until he took me over the edge and let my cum explode deep into his throat.

Derek was totally engrossed in what he was doing and I dont think he was too bothered about what I was or wasn't doing or what might happen next, if anything, but when I managed to catch a glance at Lorraine I could see a distinct look of displeasure and dissatisfaction spread across her pulchritudinous features.

Although Derek was doing such a really good job on me, I cursed the fact that it wasn't Lorraine instead of him that was swamping my dick like it would melt and evaporate if he slackened his efforts for as much as even one second. I sneaked one more furtive glance at her and I could tell right away that she was displeased with me because I wasn't reciprocating, as Derek's full blooded attention fully warranted.

Lorraine is nothing if not clever and she changed the whole complexion of things with her next move, "I'm going down to the bar for a couple of drinks" she informed us.

On hearing her words Derek stopped sucking momentarily and asked her "How long will you be gone?"

"At least half an hour." she replied "that'll give the two of you a chance to find your own level of commitment to what you're doing without me being in the way."

OMG ! I sighed. Essentially, I was only lying there with him as a means of getting back to mixing it with her and now here she was abandoning me and leaving me with only a man to attempt to satisfy my deliriously horny needs.

She didn't waste any time getting to her feet, grabbing a light scarf and heading out the door, with the words "I hope you'll make the most of what you've got boys." echoing in her wake.

As soon as Lorraine had gone Derek said to me "How would you like to be rimmed?"

That offer threw me completely off balance and I had to clear my head before I could think straight enough to respond coherently, then I said "I'd prefer it if you just resumed the blowjob. I was really enjoying it until Lorraine stopped the momentum."

"Right now I'd rather rim you"he insisted, then continued "If you let me do it for a short while I'll suck your cock all you want in just a few minutes."

This bi/gay stuff was all new territory for me. Alright, I know I had already gotten my first ever blowjob from a man off Derek the night before, and had thoroughly enjoyed it, but I was still struggling to come to terms with this latest development which had shaken me to the core because it was something I never thought I would ever be a willing party to. Now here was the same guy looking to ram his elongated and industrious tongue right up into my asshole.

My mind was racing at speed and I was in a dither as to what I should do. I was both appalled and slightly fascinated at the thought of being rimmed, I'd not had it done to me before by anyone, but I had done it to my wife on occasion and even though she loved it she wouldn't return the favour and do it to me and not only that, she only lets me do it to her once every few months.

I looked straight into Derek's eyes, took a large whiff of air into my nostrils, swallowed deeply and uttered the fateful words,

"Ok, if that's what you want then you might as well do it. My ass is already very clean because I prepared it well in the hope that Lorraine would do what you want to do to me."

"Oh she will " he assured me " once she knows that you've let me do it first."

Well, if that last remark from Derek didn't galvanise my wavering attitude in relation to what was about to occur, then nothing I could possibly think of ever would.

Steeled by the prospect of him merely setting the scene for her eventual participation, I turned to face down on the bed and knelt in front of Derek with my buttocks positioned right where he wanted them. I placed my head on a pillow and closed my eyes. I felt a mixture of many emotions such as guilt and shame but also a very strong desire to be given a brand new sort of thrill and made to enjoy doing something that, in my entire life, heretofore, I had never ever given any thought to doing. I shuddered with tingly shivers as I waited for the show to begin, then after what seemed like ages, I finally felt Derek gently kissing my buttocks, first one side then the other as he gradualy moved inexorably towards no mans land in the centre.

After he had been kissing and caressing my backside for what seemed like an eternity, Derek finally began to probe my sphincter with his tongue, mostly licking all around it rather than trying to force direct entry. Although there was no exceptional physical thrill engendered by his opening move on my asshole, soon there were strong tremors running through me and I quivered as frissons of mental excitement coursed through every vein in my body.

"Are you ready to be penetrated?" he enquired as I lay there waiting to be forcefullly entered by my first male lover's hot and horny tongue.

"Yes, yes, please stick your tongue in me as deeply as you can get it" I " I said shamelessly," because by then my desire to my ass pleasured in such a manner by another man greatly outweighed any negatives vibes that still remained in my mind.

I can tell you that he needed no second invitation. As soon as the words had left my mouth his tongue took the lead as he buried it into me as deeply as he could and he used different motions as he jaunted his head back and forth, to and fro, up and down and in and out and, right from the start, I was finding it very pleasurable and mentally exhilarating. His tongue was dancing a merry jig on my welcoming hole and the feeling of raw pleasure that it was giving me was overwhelming. I'd never known anything like it. At times I feared my whole body might explode if he continued provoking me much longer with such exquisite virtuosity. He kept up the luscious suckling for about three minutes and it was blowing my mind in a way I'd never experienced before. When he finally stopped delivering the deep dollops of intense pleasure he meekly enquired; "Was that nice?" thereby displaying an obvious lack of confidence in his ability to please a male sex partner.

Meny=tion the term + his, or my, throbbing swollen cock

"Oh yes" I threw out willingly " it's far, far better than nice and I'm very grateful to you for making me feel so fantastically good. You really are something else."

"How would you like me to fuck your ass? " he offered, nervously, and by then I had already decided that I would like to feel what it was like to have his above average cock buried deep in my yearning man hole.

"Will it be very sore?" I asked, not feeling any need to give a second's thought as to whether or not I was willing to let him do it, or whether I should decline on any moral grounds. By then I wanted badly for him to fuck me and I had actually been thinking for a while that he'd never ask.

"No, not if we both cooperate and stay on the same wavelength."

"You just tell me whatever I need to do to facilitate the act and I'll do it in a flash." I assured him.

Derek got off the bed and got a tube of vaseline from a drawer and also a dildo that was modest in size both in length and circumference. He then directed me to get on my knees on the floor and spread myself over the edge of the bed. Then, initially, he began to smear the lube all around my sphincter and then eventually deep up into my asshole with his index finger and just that in itself was very, very nice.

"You cant use too much of this stuff" he informed me as he spread it liberally both inside and out my eager hole and got me good and ready for the impending arrival of his cock which was about seven inches long and just about a nice width to fit in and move about comfortably in a virgin hole like mine, after very delicate initial penetration.

When he got two fingers into me and jigged them around smearing more and more lube afinally deemed me to be suitably prepared Derek began fingering me, dipping a finger in and out up to the bent knuckle, then moving it around in little circles. Although the feeling was nice I was eager for something more substantial but I didn't want to rush things and by then I had enough trust in him to let him plot the course of action. After a little while, without saying so in advance, he stopped fingering me and I could feel the push as he slipped the head of the narrow little four inch dildo into my ass.

"Is that alright?" he queried, as I felt the tip of the plastic cock easily slipping in and out of my newly awakened love hole that I had never previously regarded as such a thing.

"That's fine" I said, "absolutely fine, just carry on as you see fit. I wouldn't deign to try to tell you what to do when you're the one here with all the previous experience."

For what seemed like an eternity, although it was only about a minute, Derek carefully probed my asshole, inside and out, with the modestly sized dildo before he withhdrew it completely and then , displaying unmistakeable signs of a new found confidence leaned forward, and whispered very softly in my ear,

"I think you're just about ready now to be properly violated. Are you ready to receive my throbbing swollen cock in your ass?"

"About as ready as I'll ever be" I gasped, as my breath quickened at the thought of him sinking his manhood into my gaping hole that was already tingling marvellously, along with my mind, at the glorious anticipation of being entered by a real live cock for the first time ever, an experience that could never be replicated although it would soon be my intention to have it repeated as often as circumstances in my day to day life would allow.

Ironically, only one thing was bothering me as I waited for the , imminent and much desired cock insertion to take place - I began to fear that Lorraine might return before she was due and spoil the milleu and atmosphere that Derek and I had created in her absence, an absence which initially I had regretted but now I was praying that it would continue indefinitely because I was so completely relaxed and at ease that her re-emergence on the scene was very likely to cause more harm than good.

"Please, God" I implored silently to the heavens "dont let beautiful Lorraine come back now at such an inopportune time and interrupt or mar anything that my lovely new man friend has literally worked his balls off to bring to perfection and is on the verge of accomplishing.

At that moment in my life I didn't want a drink, I didn't want a cigarette, I didn't even want a joint, I didn't want cocaine, I didn't want money. I didn't want fame, all I wanted on this earthly planet was a big cock slipped tenderly, but deeply, into my yearning ass and it seemed like I was about to get it, in SPADES.

Yes, my man pussy was on the verge of losing its virginity in every sense of the word and I couldn't possibly have been more eager to welcome its taking and I shivered almost uncontrollably, all over both in my mind and body, as I waited for that seminal moment to arrive.

to be continued...

I feel like an illiterate because I am unable to read any of the emails sent to me at Passion by prospective lovers and friends. I find that all very frustrating and I wish the powers that be at this site would rescind the decision to take that route a few weeks ago.
My Fantasy Weekend - Part Three
Posted:Nov 2, 2015 10:57 am
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2016 6:48 am

Link to Part One: My Fantasy Weekend

Link to Part Two: My Fantasy Weekend Part Two

All day Sunday I deliberately avoided thinking too much about what might take place when I got together with Lorraine and Derek for the final time that night, at least for this trip. I was over the Moon about the set up I had with them and I was wondering what I had done to deserve it so that I could do a lot more of whatever it was that had brought me such good fortune.

Early on Sunday I had gone to the bi-sexual section of an adult website that I visit occasionally, like every day, and I spent over an hour there reading posts and replies by guys that were married, like me, and enjoying great sex with their wives but were becoming increasingly bi-curious. Many of them were asking for advice from experienced bi-sexuals and there was no shortage of advice, suggestions and solicitations on offer to those guys in transition that were posing the questions.

Many of those wannabe 'utility men' were seeking advice as to how a session with two men should begin and I wondered about that myself, but not for too long because I didn't want to make any definite determinations or decisions before I was safely in the presence of my new found English friends in their luxurious hotel suite.

It was just shy of eight-thirty when Derek opened the door and let me into the suite. There was no sign of Lorraine and I assumed she was either in the bedroom or the en suite getting herself dressed and ready to be prepared to strip off for my delectation. Derek was wearing a housecoat and he seemed a bit nervous and twitchy, even mumbling his words when he offered me a drink "No thanks" I answered, "it might affect my performance if I start drinking and we wouldn't want that on your final night in town, would we?"

"No of course not" he agreed, "but you wont mind if I have a brandy or two to help myself get fully relaxed, would you?" "Work away and don't mind me" I retorted, well realising that he was clearly in need of a stiff drink to calm himself down and at the same time wondering why he seemed to be in such an uneasy, self conscioous, almost agitated state.

He poured himself a good measure of Courvoisier and then added a large splash of ginger ale that almost filled the straight glass that he was using. I took off my jacket sat on the sofa against the back wall of the front room and by this time I was getting a little anxious and impatient waiting for the appearance of Lorraine.

After making a little small talk to break the ice I asked Derek "Is Lorraine here?" "Yes, sure, she'll be out in a minute" he replied "but I'm afraid there's a little bad news." "What sort of bad news? Is she alright? Did anything happen to her?" "I'm afraid to say that she got her monthly visitors today and she won't quite be her usual self tonight"

OMG! I was crestfallen at the news. What a downer that was. All day long I'd been counting the minutes, if not the seconds, until I could get up close with Lorraine and suck her and fuck her until we were fully sated and every ounce of energy in our bodies required replenishment.

While I wasn't scared or awed at the thought of it, what I might or might not do on the bed with Derek had been well down my list of priorities and meant little more to me than toleration and I was almost in denial about how much his ministrations had turned me on the previous night.

But now with Lorraine on the easy list, so to speak, the prospect of what might eventuate with Derek was a daunting one. I was just about to request a drop of brandy, to help settle my own suddenly confused state of mind, when Lorraine emerged from the bedroom, fully dressed in a light lime green trouser suit, and immediately sat beside me on the sofa. "Derek has just given me the bad news about your ...er... " I said to her "Yeah, sure Sweetie, it's a bummer but it cant be helped."

"I'm quite willing to overlook your little encumbrance as if it hadn't happened yet" I offered. "Normally I would too my Pet" she replied, "but it's a very heavy strain I've got and all sorts of shit is seeping out of me all day. You could be poisoned if you supped from my pussy tonight."

What a let down that was. Lorraine was very comfortably the best looking broad I'd ever had sex with and probably the most uninhibited too and now my lovingly anticipated session with her was all but doomed and the real killer was that there would be no more opportunities to compensate for it, at least not on this trip.

Derek was keeping well out of the firing line and that was a wise move on his part because if I couldn't have full, head on sex with his pulchritudinous wife, I certainly wasn't interested in performing with him exclusively and I was thinking in the direction of making myself scarce and imbibing five or six pints of lager in my local pub to drown my sorrows.

As I sat on that sofa still absorbing the bad news, my head was spinning for all the wrong reasons, my sense of disappointment was immense and I cursed my bad luck and the untimely circumstances that had caused it. Although Lorraine was precluded from giving her usual outstanding overall performance, she was still quite warm in her attitude and paid me lots of attention as I sought solace in the brandy glass."

"Can you still give me some head ?" I asked the stunning beauty. "Yes, certainly, my Dear, but with my pussy out of commission I think that you must interact more with Derek than with me tonight" I didn't like the sound of that one little bit but I immediately sensed that unless I was agreeable to it I might not even get my cock sucked by Lorraine.

"How about the two of you sharing my cock and sucking me at the same time?" was the best solution I could think of on the spot. " That sounds good " she said " How does that grab you, Derek? " she asked. " I'm fine with that for starters " he piped and on hearing that I gave him a look as hard as iron as if to say " Starters ? That's all you'll be getting, my boyo. "

Under command from Lorraine we all entered the bedroom together and Derek and I stripped naked as requested by her. She only removed her upper garments, exposing her beautiful medium sized and very firm breasts, just as I like them best. I got onto the bed and lay in the centre with my head on a pillow and opted to look up at the ceiling rather than straight ahead at the slappy couple. I wasn't at all happy with the set up, I'd been dreaming about that pussy all day long and now it was totally out of order and it was most mostly cold dick on the menu.

I hadn't seen very much of the ceiling when, suddenly,I felt a tongue lightly licking my dick. I wasn't sure which of them it was but it didn't take long before I could feel two tongues on my shaft and by then it was six of one and half a dozen of the other as to which sensation was being generated by whom.

I have to admit here and now that I began to feel more turned on by the double header than I had expected. Soon, one or other of them clasped their mouth over the top of my knob and began a sucking motion that soon felt truly exquisite. I was tempted to check out which one it was, but before I could raise my head and give that ceiling a break from my wandering eyes, I felt whichever had been the absent mouth licking all around the shaft and my scrotum like it was a welcome ice lolly on a glorious Summer's day.

They were both highly engrossed in their tasks and the level of mental thrill I was experiencing from that dual approach was tremendous and the physical thrill was unparalleled in all my experience of sex, which was quite substantial and wonderfully varied, but only with the gentler sex heretofore. As I lay there absorbing all the delicious hands on attention I silently rebuked myself for having, at least in my thoughts, been less than gracious to Derek a few minutes earlier.

Soon my cum was on the verge of erupting and I had to plead with them to ease off because I wanted to avoid coming too quickly in order to maintain the heightened sense of sexual arousal engulfing me that I knew would surely dissipate once I'd shot my load.

As soon as they withdrew their resources, simultaneously, I raised myself up on the bed and they were sat on either side of me just about level with where my knees had been. Lorraine said "We really got you going there, didn't we?" "Absolutely" I replied without hesitation or demur, "That's the finest session of oral action I've ever had administered to me and I'm most grateful to both of you for that."

"Seeing as how you can't thank me in kind, what say you express your gratitude to Derek by way of returning the compliment?" the red ragged beauty cleverly threw at me from left field. Derek was watching me like a hawk, his expression all agog, as I wrestled with the situation for a brief moment before nodding, resignedly, in silent agreement to the lady's request before muttering "yeah,ok."

"Oh David, I'm over the moon that should consent to oblige. You wont regret it, I promise you. I'm convinced that there's not guy on Earth that wouldn't enjoy sucking a cock if only they'd let themselves go for it and give it a try." and she was probably right about that

"Will we try a 69 first or would you rather just receive to begin with?" Derek asked "Yes, why not," I said, without a trace of enthusiasm. We stretched out on the bed from opposite ends and Derek had my cock in his mouth before I even laid a finger on his body. Right away he used a technique that was the same as the one used earlier that had really upped the ante and had gotten me ultra turned on, and it was only then I realised that it had been him all the time that had been blowing me the best, when all along I had thought that Lorraine was the culprit, or should that be the donor?.

At all events, I was getting brilliant treatment from my first ever male lover and the loss of Lorraine's pussy from the libidinous menu was seeming less and less important by the second. It was a big moment for me and I was still more than a little bit nervous about fulfilling my part of the bargain, but there was a bridge to be crossed and there was no turning back now.

It was a classic case of 'In for a penny in for a pound'.

to be continued...
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My Fantasy Weekend - Part Two
Posted:Oct 30, 2015 1:12 pm
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2016 6:49 am

Link to Part One: My Fantasy Weekend

It was just after nine when Lorraine opened the door and let me into the spacious apartment. " These people must have plenty of money to afford a suite like this. " I thought.

She was clad in a red silk housecoat down to her knees and I wondered, momentarily, if she had anything on underneath it but I knew, that at all events, it wouldn't be much and there'd certainly be no petticoat on her. Derek was not in the front room when I entered and I immediately wondered what he might be up to and I half expected him to suddenly appear naked from the bedroom.

I had called their number early that afternoon and told them that I was agreeable to everyone getting on the bed together naked as long as everything went nice and slowly and I wasn't rushed or coerced into doing anything I wasn't comfortable with. That condition had been accepted and there we were then, just about to get things underway.

Lorraine took my hand and led me to the bedroom and, right enough, there was Derek lying on the bed-covers in just a pair of brief red underpants that he might have borrowed from his wife. Lorraine slipped off the wrap she was wearing and quickly undid her black under-wired bra and then wriggled out of her gold coloured panties with gusto. As she stood there stark naked in the middle of the room I was in awe of her beautiful body; she had the perfect hourglass figure with firm small to medium breasts that drooped slightly, which are the type that I much prefer to large ones, and her legs were the perfect shape that every girl would love to have.

So striking was my delight at the sight of such a beautiful body all lined up and ready solely for my delectation that my head began to swim with a slight lightness and I felt just a little faint in a lovely sort of way that I had never experienced before.
So entranced and turned on was I by the delicious vision standing right in front of me and fully at my disposal - I swear that even my tongue got an erection.

As I began to undress I fumbled slightly with the buttons on my shirt Lorraine began to open my belt and soon my pants were all around my feet and as soon as I stepped out of them and divested my shirt Lorraine dropped silently to her knees and took my cock softly into her exquisite mouth and gently sucked on the very tip of it for a few seconds before taking a much more generous portion of it into her highest orifice. It took all of thirty seconds for my pampered member to reach full status and very soon I had to curtail her delicious manoeuvres for fear of cumming too quickly; this surely was no time for premature ejaculation.

By this point Derek had removed all the bedclothes except a pink fitted sheet and
Lorraine spread herself across the middle of the bed, on her back, with her legs stretched wide apart. Soon my eager tongue was buried in her bush again and it flitted merrily around her yearning cavern at varying speeds feasting lavishly on the juicy, wringing wet snatch. It was like being in heaven and I was a little less bothered than the previous night when, after a couple of minutes of sheer unbridled ecstasy, I felt Derek's hands gently caressing my middle back.

As I sucked away furiously at her gaping and eager love hole, utilizing various movements and patterns and trying to create as much variety as possible, Lorraine began to moan, softly at first, but then ever more louder as my tongue danced vigorously around her deep wetness without a moment's pause. When I felt that I had her on the verge of a huge orgasm I eased off and then I stopped sucking and slipped off the end of the bed and rose up on my knees. As I did so Derek removed his hands and I just took a few seconds to gather my breath.

Then I asked Lorraine if we could change positions for a few minutes and she immediately leapt up and vacated the centre of the bed. I took her place, on my back, and propped my head up a bit on one of the pillows that had been left in place. I silently beckoned Lorraine to sit on my face and she readily acquiesced without demur or delay. She really knew how to spread her legs wide, like a dancer doing the splits, and the access I got to her pussy was unbelievably brilliant.

Although my wife loves sitting on my face, she never spreads her legs anything like as wide as that sensuous beauty did. As I ravenously dipped my tongue in and out of that gloriously moist chasm and swirled all around it, Lorraine gyrated above me for even better accessibility and exploration and that heightened my sense of fulfillment in such a way that I'd never experienced before.

After a few minutes of that delightful preoccupation I'd become totally oblivious of Derek's presence in the room, that is, until I felt a hand softly gliding along my leg, below the knee. This time, instead of being alarmed at another man's touch on my body, it actually served to heighten my already gushing state of frenzy. As I suck fucked Lorraine with ever increasing passion and vigour, the hand on my leg moved above the knee and began to encroach slowly, but inexorably, in the direction of my genital region.

I made no objection to Derek's actions, mainly because I didn't want to discommode them and jeopardise my unfinished session of sheer unadulterated pleasure with his beautiful wife. I continued to suck the wet minge like there was no tomorrow and all the while Derek's hand was fondling my balls ever so lightly. I was so caught up in satisfying Lorraine, and myself of course, while doing so, that it hardly even registered with me when the hand began to gently stroke my semi-erect penis.

Derek sure knew what he was doing and did it so light and delicately that his fingers soon felt like a soft and very fluffy velvet pouch had been placed over the tip of my cock and slowly moved around it in various motions that were making it all tingly and bringing me immense pleasure. I was so scatterbrained, and lost in the moment, while lavishly sucking, licking and softly biting that beautiful woman's rapacious love hole, that it didn't even occur to me to utter any objection when, after just a few seconds of gently fondling my dick in his hands, Derek slipped the head of my now bulging cock into his mouth and began sucking and kissing it, very gently at first but gradually building up to a more aggressive tempo.

As caught up as I was, in doing full and plenary justice to the magnificent cream filled human crevice at my disposal, a new, and very welcome, dimension was added to my heightened state of tingling sexuality by Derek's timely intercession on my cock. When he realised that I'd 'opened the door freely' for him, so to speak, he soon upped the rate and took more of my swollen cock in his mouth and gradually, almost in a wild frenzy, like he had a binding freehold lease on it and he sucked deeper and more lovingly than any woman had ever done, in living memory. The delightful feeling that brought to me was truly fantastic and I bucked up from off the mattress a few times to help sink my dick deeper into his throat and dispel any notion Derek might have had that he was merely self-employed. I wanted him to know that his same sex conquest was relishing the occasion every bit as much as he was.

The soft moist suction he was using made my stiffened cock almost sting with tingly pleasure and at times it was almost more than I could bear. Although I still had some slight pangs of guilt and a little tinge of shame at what I was allowing a man to do to me, they were soon overridden by quivers and shivers of delight running up and down my spine induced by how expertly that man was servicing my cock and making it feel like it had never felt before. It felt oh so good that after a while all my negative thoughts were dispelled and I fully embraced my first bi sexual experience with all the delight and uninhibited acceptance that it warranted. Where's the shame in that, I ask you ?

Lorraine was the first to speak of the new situation, as she continued gyrating beautifully in rhythm with my all slobbering tongue. "How do you like Derek's mouth wrapped around your throbbing joystick ? " she inquired of me. " It's ok " I mumbled in response. " Good for you " she piped. " What's it like for you, Derek ? " she asked " Lovely, absolutely lovely " he replied, " I'm so glad that George is allowing me to use my fellating skills on him. " " That's enough talking for now she said. Let's just get on with the job of getting each other off. "

Even though I was now in a stupor I could sense that Derek was in full control of the situation and he was just waiting for a sign that Lorraine was about to explode in a huge cum before going the whole hog on my cock and bringing me off simultaneously, with Lorraine, or as close as he could to it. I felt like he only had to crank up the ante a few more notches and I'd deliver a payload within seconds.

After what felt incredibly like the most delightful and highly pleasurable period of time of my entire sex life, I could sense from her ever intensifying moaning that Lorraine was about to spew her juices all over my mouth and chin and Derek was equally on the ball, no pun intended, as he upped his suck rate exponentially and just a few short moments later Lorraine and I gushed our creamy love juices into the willing mouths of myself and my first male lover, respectively.

Derek swallowed most of my cum and what little that had escaped onto my stomach was eagerly swept up by him before I was allowed to rise and straighten up. As I licked my lips clean to wash in the last traces of Lorraine's luscious cream she leaned towards me and buried her tongue in my mouth and we shared a passionate kiss and the mind blowing taste and raging aroma of her sexual 'perfume.' before collapsing across the bed fully spent

That was more or less the end of proceedings for the evening, because I can only get an erection once every four hours or so, but there was still one more night of their weekend trip to Dublin remaining and that was really something to look forward to, for all of us, especially given the new perspective, with me owing Derek an unpaid debt of gratitude.

to be continued...
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My Fantasy Weekend
Posted:Oct 28, 2015 6:42 am
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2016 6:50 am

Last Friday night I was in my local bar alone just reading the paper and doing the crosswords. I'd had my usual five pints of lager and towards the end of the night, close to midnight, I was on the verge of swallowing off the last of my beer and going home when I got talking to a very pleasant English couple on a short holiday in Dublin, Derek and Lorraine. Derek was a very handsome, well built guy and Lorraine was an absolute brunette stunner with a slim hour glass figure and an enchanting smile, to die for.

They told me they had been in Dublin since Wednesday and would be there until Monday night and were staying at a hotel not very far from the pub. I sat with them for about half an hour while I slowly sipped my way through my last drink and we had a few good few laughs as we discussed the sort of mishaps and emergencies that often crop up when people are travelling.

About ten minutes after I'd met them Derek went to the toilet and while he was gone Lorraine, in a very low voice, confided to me that they were both bi-sexual and had been on the lookout for a third party to join them for a naughty session since they'd arrived in Dublin, but, very surprisingly to me, without success, so far. She said it didn't really matter if the person they might link up with was male or female.

She came straight out and asked if I'd be interested in making up the threesome and I was a bit stunned by that. In fact I got such a shock that I had to gather myself together and regain my composure before I could even think of giving a coherent answer to such a bombshell request. I was certainly on for it as far as screwing her was concerned but there was no way I was prepared to countenance any interaction with her husband and I didn't know if that would be enough to satisfy their requirements.

While I was still thinking about it Derek returned and Lorraine immediately updated him on what she had told me and they both looked me in the eye as Derek said quietly " Would you like to join us in our room, David ? You'll only have to do whatever you feel comfortable with and we wont try to force you into anything you dont wish to do. "

I must admit that I was taken aback and my head was spinning and then, with a fair degree of embarrassment, I just sort of blurted out " I'm not into gay sex but I'm willing to give Lorraine as good a seeing to as I can, if thats sufficient ? "

I could see a distinct expression of uncertainty and indecision on each of their faces and I acted to diffuse the awkwardness of the situation by saying " I'm going to the toilet and you can decide what you want to do by the time I return. I'll be back in within five minutes."

While I was in the toilet I was hoping that they would reach the conclusion that half a loaf was better than none and see the glass as being half full instead of half empty. When I had finished pissing and rinsed my hands I dallied for a couple of minutes before returning to my new found friends on cue.

as soon as reappeared at their table Lorraine smiled at me beamingly and I instantly sensed that I was soon going to be mixing it with her in their bedroom in the not too distant future.

"We've decided to accept your offer" said Derek, "is it ok with you if I watch you in action with Lorraine, I'll remain fully clothed at all times ?"

"That's fine with me" I assured them.

We left the pub right away and just ten minutes later Lorraine and I were stripped naked and moving towards the bed in their two-room suite. I had gotten Derek to agree to wait in the front room for five minutes before coming in to watch.

When Lorraine stretched out naked on the bed and spread her legs wide I got on my knees between them and bent over and gently kissed all around her pubic area. I tickled and tugged gently along the hairs of her unshaven pussy for about half a minute and then slowly dipped my tongue into her snatch which was soaking wet before I had even gotten the tip of my eager tongue into it. As I delved further into her juice filled hole she put both her hands on my head and rocked it in and out and up and down on her creamy vagina.

I was soon in something of a frenzy as my own juices got flowing and as I sucked ravenously and deeply into her I almost didn't notice a hand rubbing softly on the middle of my back. I knew that hand could only belong to Derek and I mumbled " I dont want you touching me, Derek." without removing my mouth from the glorious love hole that I was so delightfully servicing.

Derek removed his hand immediately upon request and I continued sucking away ravenously at a furious rate and soon Lorraine began to twitch uncontrolably until she hit the heights with a huge orgasm and sprayed a gush of gorgeous love juice all over my mouth and chin.

With unbridled passion, I sucked every drop that I could find on Lorraine's body and then I licked my own lips with gusto to ensure that every drop of her cum was now buried inside me. I don't have a very large cock, just about six inches and a half when fully erect, but on that occasion it had stretched to about eight because I'd never been so turned on before in my entire life and that boosted my libido to new heights.

While I allowed Lorraine a few seconds to regain her equilibrium, I glanced over at Derek, who was then sitting in a chair naked apart from a pair of briefs that concealed a bulge much bigger than what my shorts are ever asked to cover, and said to him " I'm sorry I can't let you touch me, but that's the agreement we made and you'll have to stick to it. "

He just nodded his head in silent acceptance of my decision and I appreciated that. I even felt a bit sorry for him but, with the best will in the world, there was no way that I could facilitate his needs; it just simply wasn't on and there was no two ways about it.

Over the course of the next half hour I fucked Lorraine in the pussy, up her ass, and then I finished off in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of my substantial cum, thus repaying me fully for my gentlemanly act of having swallowed everything she had dispensed from her heavenly love hole earlier.

When we were finished playing I looked over at Derek and he was almost frothing at the mouth from having watched the sight of his wife being fucked from top to bottom. I felt really sorry for him and I said " I'll jerk you off, if that's any good to you ? "

His eyes lit up instantaniously and he was on his feet like a shot. He came to where I was sitting and removed his pants. I took his dick in my hand and began to push it up and down gently until after just about a minute I could feel it bulging and ready to spit out its load. Lorraine got in position to take his shots in her mouth and, for that purpose, I guided his cock right up close to her lips.

When his cum exploded Lorraine caught most of it in her mouth and what she missed was spread just about evenly between her face and hair. Derek was in seventh heaven and I was pleased for him because he had kept his word not to interfere with me while I fucked his wife anyway I wanted.

Before I tidied up and left I asked if they wanted to meet me again the following night and Derek said only if I agreed to all three getting in on the act. I asked what he would require me to do with him and he said "Only whatever you are comfortable with" then he continued "We'll all be naked and on the bed but I will only make contact with Lorraine, unless I get a clear signal from you that it's alright to touch you."

I told him I'd have to think about it overnight before deciding if I was ok with that. I got dressed, wrote down his phone number and then I left the suite.

It was just after 2am when I got home and slipped into bed, with a huge grin on my face, beside my unsuspecting spouse.

I still had a hard on and I briefly considered wakening her up and getting laid again, but in the end I decided against it, preferring to save all my remaining energy and love juice for whatever might transpire the next night.

to be continued...
Homage To My Beautiful Young Male Lover
Posted:Oct 17, 2015 10:41 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2018 4:01 am

I recently met a beautiful young man of just twenty years and we have already had mind blowing sex on several occasions. After a lapse of five weeks I'm meeting him again tomorrow in a hotel room for another long and passionate session of raw sexual pleasure.

Before I met Andre I had never French kissed a male; never rimmed a male; never took a load in my mouth and never swallowed a single drop of another man's creamy white seed. Now all that reticence has evaporated and fallen by the wayside and I can't wait for tomorrow to come so that I can indulge and experience all those wonderful pleasures, and gifts, anew.

The fascinating anticipation of tomorrow's no holes barred encounter with my beautiful and delicious young lover inspired me to pen the following poem in grateful homage to him; I hope you like it.

Handsome lad met by chance
Made my lapsed libido dance
Tender years slender frame
Lover of another male

Forbidden fruit tastes so sweet
But many men will never eat
All male sex both men savour
Never done just as a favour

Showered together nicely fresh
Lie entwined grope naked flesh
Taboo love makes me shiver
Fills my being make me quiver

Semen stream ebb and flow
Flow through me white as snow
Course my body soft and slow
Front and back high and low

Love divine games erotic
Pleasure grand thoughts exotic
Two men at play fun and games
Lots to do don't need dames

Thrills galore holes well filled
All inside me nothing spilled
Joyful fun bodies merge
Take each other to the verge

Steady on not so fast
Slowly does it make it last
Minds a blur thoughts erratic
Take me off now I'm ecstatic

Here I come take my load
Deep inside your anal road
Spent but joyous wish fulfilled
Sated lovers all a thrilled

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